About Us

San Francisco, California

We are surfers with backgrounds in design, technology and fashion. With AWESOME, we want to create products that bring our combined knowledge & passions together.

Julian has been designing cars at Audi and Lamborghini for several years. His projects include the Audi R8, the RSQ movie car and the Audi A4. Designing in automotive 3D software has led to a deep understanding of surfaces and how they behave in the wind tunnel - the foundation of our surfboards.

Brian’s background is in graphic and web design, as well as interactive development. He has helped with the growth of several businesses, and started his own clothing line. Brian lived and surfed in Santa Cruz for about 10 years in the 90s, which gave him good insight into the surf culture. His graphical talent defines the brand’s clean aesthetics.

Today, AWESOME is based on a network of friends spanning California, Bali, Germany and Canada. We make surfboards, design our own apparel, and create gear for both in and out of the ocean. It is all about making things we enjoy using. We hope you enjoy them too!