Awesome Futures Fins Bamboo Stripes - 5-Fin Set

Currently Unavailable

A very versatile thruster/quad set of fins geared towards surf in the small and medium range. The fin set has a balanced template, allowing it to perform in a variety of conditions. The option to switch between a thruster and quad setup lets you further dial in your fin configuration for the conditions at hand. Made with lightweight honeycomb cores, fiberglass, 3K carbon fiber and a bamboo veneer. The fin has black stripes, partly visible bamboo veneer, and shows the San Francisco skyline, spanned across side and quad rears.

Medium (145lbs - 195lbs) (65kg - 88kg)

Front Fin Pair
Foil: V2
Base angle: 6.5 degrees
Height: 4.48”
Base: 4.41”
Area: 14.89 sq in

Center Fin
Foil: Symmetrical
Base angle: 0 degrees
Height: 4.38”
Base: 4.28”
Area: 14.12 sq in

Quad Rear Pair
Foil: Symmetrical
Base angle: 3.0 degrees
Height: 3.81”
Base: 3.86”
Area: 11.99 sq in

Ride Number:
Awesome 5-Fin Bamboo (Thruster) 8.4
Awesome 5-Fin Bamboo (Quad) 7.7